Police manhunt in Waipahu leads to four arrests

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Update: Police confirm one of the four suspects in Thursday’s manhunt is Victor Gascon III.

He was arrested Thursday afternoon.

Gascon, 25, was wanted in connection with multiple armed robberies, including the Macy’s smash-and-grabs.

Also arrested, 18-year-old Leilani Lokar. Lokar was arrested for Burglary and Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle among other things. She remains in police custody.

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Police arrested four suspects Thursday in a manhunt that started in Waialua and ended with the swat team and helicopters converging on a quiet neighborhood in Waipahu.

The situation forced Waipahu High School and August Ahrens Elementary School to go on lockdown.

Helicopters and SWAT came down in force on the area called the Waipahu triangle near Waipahu High School.

Jada McClellan lives near Kahuanui Street. She said they were eating breakfast when they first heard the helicopters buzzing low over their house.

“We came outside. We looked and it and it was just circling this area. It was scary,” McClellan said.

Then just a few minutes later she said more police pulled up to a neighbor’s house.

“About 10 to 12 cops, 4 Runners, cop cars came swarming this house… and then everybody just got out of their cars and rushed into the house. We weren’t sure what really happened cause they kind of were going through people’s yards and trying to call for whatever the guy’s name was.”

The search lasted for hours with officers posted along the H1 freeway looking into the residential area and police cars circling in and out of the tiny neighborhood.

Jessie Villanueva lives at the end of Waipahu Street.

“They were all over the place–in the back of my neighborhood. And they were looking for the guy and with their canine dogs,” Villanueva explained.

The manhunt ended in four arrests–two men and two women.

Honolulu Police Major Walter Ozeki said it all started in Waialua around 9:30 Thursday morning.

“An officer assigned to district two responded to a report of a possible robbery in progress in which two masked men, or partially masked males attempted to steal a vehicle. One of the males was armed with a handgun,” Ozeki said.

Ozeki said a plain-clothed officer was in the area and followed the suspects. The suspects were driving a silver Altima, which Ozeki said was stolen from Waipahu a few days ago.

The suspects led police to Waipahu where the two male suspects took off on foot.

“Immediately thereafter, they arrested two females in the vehicle for unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle. One of the females also had a warrant,” Ozeki said.

The two male suspects were later caught and arrested for robbery and unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle.

“Both of the males had warrants as well, $25,000 and $30,000 respectively. All four are in custody right now and charges are pending,” Ozeki said.

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