Waimanalo homeowner confronts ‘sleeping’ intruder in court

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Back in May, KHON2 first reported that a Waimanalo father experienced quite a scare after a stranger entered his home and fell asleep next to his teenage daughter.

Donald Crummer shared his story and since then, KHON2 been tracking the case against John Fritz, who pleaded guilty to illegally entering the home.

Fritz was sentenced in court Tuesday, but not before facing the wrath of an angry father.

“You didn’t hurt my family. For that I am very grateful. But you coming into my house, I am very mad, and I am very offended that you would choose my home to come in and go and sleep in my 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom,” Crummer said. “You’re lucky you’re alive today.”

If you’re a parent, you could probably understand Crummer’s strong words, but at the same time, he also displayed compassion for the defendant.

“I know what it must be like to not be able to see your children because of what you are going through,” he said. “Within that, you have to be able to make the proper choices yourself. You made bad choices that morning when you came into my home.”

Fritz said he has an addiction problem and has been taking part in a program to get clean. “I could just do it once, but I know I can’t,” he said. “I know I can’t use. I know what kind of person I become when I use, and I don’t like that person.”

“We can’t help him. He has to help himself,” Crummer said, “and if he is not willing to take those steps to help himself, I have no wish for him to be walking on the streets.”

Fritz was given a year in jail and put on five years probation. He’ll start his sentence after he graduates from a drug treatment program.

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