WAIKIKI, Hawaii (KHON2) — Hawaii has yet to close out the first week of 2023, and there has already been a shooting in Waikiki.

Honolulu Emergency Medical Services brought a 25-year-old man in critical condition to the hospital around 10:20 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 6.

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Lewers Street and Kalakaua Avenue were shut down during their investigation. Visitors and residents both said it first sounded like a late night show.

“At first I thought it was, like, fireworks; but because of the noise, it was very loud and very suspicious that, you know, it was something, like, gunshots,” said Los Angeles resident Alan Dang, who is vacationing in Waikiki.

“Just like fireworks. It was just, you know, bang, bang, bang,” said Issa Amed, a Marine who provided first aid to the victim. “Like, that was it, and then there was kind of a pause for a second there cause everyone was reacting. And then, there was a follow up succession of, like, bang, bang, bang, again.”

Amed’s Marine Corps training kicked in after the first set of gunshots.

“And from there, everyone was coming inside; and me being stupid, I ran outside,” Amed said. “And from there, I observed that he had several gunshot wounds; none were to vital parts of the body.”

“But, enough to where there was enough that he could bleed out over time; and from there, I applied a makeshift tourniquet with my shirt.”

Issa Amed, Marine who provided first aid

Stephen Statam said he knows the victim, who has yet to be identified by police.

“He was conscious when I said his name. He, he turned his eyes; and he looked at me, you know. He just didn’t say anything,” Statam said. “And, I pray to God that he does make it. You know, nobody deserves that. Nobody deserves that.”

Authorities have also not identified any suspects as of Saturday, Jan. 7. According to police documents, they are searching for two males; but additional details were not shared.

Police CrimeMapping shows dozens of incidents — ranging from assaults, burglaries and drug/alcohol violations — since New Year’s Eve.

One community member said the Lewers Street area has long been a problem.

“Everyone I know says this is unacceptable. So, we are not going to be accepting that crime and shootings and cutting off hands with machetes is gonna be the new norm in Waikiki,” said Jeff Merz, Waikiki Neighborhood Board District 1 sub-chair.

“We should be, I think, more mindful and considerate of whose son, you know, whose husband and who, whose family member we’re taking away before we make that decision,” Statam said.

KHON2 asked Merz if HPD could do anything more.

“They could get out of their cruisers, put on their boots and walk the beat and walk the streets. We’ve said this for years; that’s what big cities do,” Merz said.

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Honolulu police did not respond to KHON2 on Saturday, but Merz asked all concerned residents to show up to the next Neighborhood Board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Waikiki Community Center.