HONOLULU (KHON2) — A Waianae couple will be getting their home back and $62,000 after a mortgage rescue scam that began in 2011. On Oct. 11, a judge ruled in favor of the couple and awarded $1,568,000 in fines and penalties to the Office of Consumer Protections.

According to officials, the couple hired Hep Yanez Guinn for help in getting a loan modification as they faced foreclosure. Guinn apparently solicited the couple with mortgage assistance relief services through her company, HYL Consultants, LLC. Facing foreclosure.

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Officials said Guinn tricked the couple into signing over their property’s deed so that Guinn could make mortgage payments on their behalf, temporarily. The couple was also convinced to pay Guinn’s monthly rent to “help cover mortgage payments she never actually made.” This caused the couple to fall back into foreclosure due to unpaid loans.

The state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs’ Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) intervened in order to hold Guinn accountable for her illegal actions.

“The threat of losing your home is distressing and, unfortunately, scammers prey on any opportunity to take full advantage,” said Stephen Levins, executive director of OCP. “This judgment sends a message that we will not tolerate bad actors, and they will be held accountable for victimizing Hawaii’s consumers.”

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Officials reported Guinn was charged with mortgage fraud, and her trial is scheduled for December.