Waianae center overwhelmed by discarded Christmas trees

Local News

It appears the Waianae Convenience Center is being overwhelmed by discarded Christmas trees.

According to city officials, the center has been getting a lot of the holiday trees, and because of new rules, those trees cannot be left on the ground anymore. They have to be put in bins, which means no more room for other trash.

To help, Tim Houghton of the Dept. of Environmental Services is asking residents to dispose of their trees in their green bins.

“I’ve not heard of closures anywhere else, but the issue would be the same — people are taking trees to convenience centers, rather than cut them up and put them into a green bin, and that volume at this time of year is always heavier.”

The Waianae center has been closing for short periods when the bins get full and turning people away in the process.

Officials expect everything to return to normal after the holidays.

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