The owner of Honolulu Commercial Cleaning is seeing high demand as increased awareness connected to the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak has local businesses taking extra steps to put a stop to any virus that may sicken their customers and employees.

Jarvis Gaidzinski the owner of the cleaning business said his regular customers are not asking for the usual, lately they are requesting deeper sanitations.

Gaidzinski said, “Actually we have a bigger demand right now for cleaning so we have clients that are requesting more like deep cleaning we actually had this weekend a big job.”

The big job was at a restaurant and bar, but it is not only his clients taking extra steps, Gaidzinski said his workers are also being more careful.

“For this past job that we had we actually requested that they all wear masks and gloves,” Gaidzinski said. “We’re also giving some hand spray for employees so they are always sanitizing their hands and making sure that they are disease free for now.”

Hawaii has yet to see a case of the Wuhan, although the recommendations to prevent the illness are similar to those of the Flu.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises to avoid touching ones face with unwashed hands, disinfect frequently touched items as well as keep hands washed as often as possible.

As for keeping the house clean and healthy, Gaidzinski recommends products with disinfectant.

Gaidzinski said, “Make sure to wait before you wipe for at least two minutes because that’s important you need to give the time to kill the virus and the bacteria and then wipe down.”