HONOLULU (KHON2) — Every year, the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Competition takes place in New Hampshire. Artists from around the world compete in “The Greatest Show In Sand,” taking tiny grains of sand and water, then turning them into masterpieces.

On June 9, 200 tons of imported sand dropped on the beach. From trolls to dinosaurs and dragons, sculptors got to work right away. Melineige Beauregard — who’s from Canada but now lives in Captain Cook, Hawaii — won First Place and People’s Choice with her piece “I Am Life.”

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“I’ve been inspired by this design called the Flower of Life… It’s a very powerful design that is present in almost all of life. It’s a pattern actually that we have in ourselves and in all nature,” Beauregard explained in a video posted by the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic.

One side of her design depicts a woman with flowers, and the other side shows her face decaying. Death, she said, is also part of life.

Beauregard also won last year’s People’s Choice Award, and after finally clawing her way to the top of the sand sculpting food chain, she beat her boyfriend Chris Guinto, who also lives in Captain Cook and won last year’s Sculptors Choice Award.

His sculpture “Primal” depicts a Spinosaurus that’s “coming to life” but is “locked in rock.”

“It’s that simple. There’s a deeper meaning there,” he told the judges. See his sculpture here.

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The last day to view the sculptures is Sunday, June 26. To learn more about the competition, click here.