Victims of multi-vehicle crash describe chaos on Moanalua Freeway

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — It was a crash that involved multiple vehicles and left the victims shaken from the chaos. This happened Saturday afternoon on the Moanalua Freeway, impacting both eastbound and westbound lanes. One woman was taken to the hospital, and police say a man ran from the scene leaving the vehicle he was driving behind.

Police say a Nissan Armada, driven by an unknown man, collided into a Mitsubishi-brand vehicle that was driven by a 46-year-old woman heading west in the Fort Shafter area. After the initial impact, both vehicles crashed into the center concrete median, scattering debris which caused damage to four other cars in the eastbound lanes.

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The Mitsubishi overturned and landed in the eastbound lanes where it hit two other vehicles. Glenn Muranaka was with his wife heading east when it happened.

“We heard this huge bang and it happened so quick,” said Muranaka. “This car starts hitting the median and starts flying up in the air and it looks like it’s coming straight towards us, and then it turned this way, slightly, and landed and hit some cars in the back of us.”

Brad McKinney was driving with his wife and two small children when they saw the vehicles coming over the median.

“I immediately slammed on the brakes and started sliding towards it, it happened really fast,” said McKinney. “And still caught the car on my left side, so all the scrapes is from the car that was rolling.”

Both drivers pulled over to make sure everyone was okay.

“When you looked at the vehicle that was overturned 150 feet out,” said Muranaka, “we were more concerned about any occupants of the vehicle whether they survived or not because it was massive. It was smashed.”

Police say the 46-year-old woman in the Mitsubishi was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Some of the others involved had only minor injuries. Meanwhile, the man in the Nissan Armada reportedly took off.

“The guy who fled the scene, I saw him. He was one of the people who I checked on. I saw him hopping up the Nissan Armada and so I asked him if he was okay he said he was okay,” said McKinney.

McKinney didn’t know where the man went but provided police with a description. Reflecting on what took place so quickly before their eyes, both victims are counting their blessings.

“It could’ve been a lot worse. We’re thankful that we walked away without a scratch,” said McKinney.

“I think we were lucky. I mean that situation thank God it had to be fate. We’re just lucky,” said Muranaka.

The investigation is still ongoing and anyone with information is asked to call the Vehicular Homicide Section at (808) 723-3413.

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