HONOLULU (KHON2) — It seems like property crimes, broken car windows and smash and grab crimes are on the rise on Oahu. 

Honolulu Prosecutor Steve Alm spoke to KHON2 and said Hawaii has always had crime but in recent months with tourism picking up it could get worse.

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“Hawaii has always been one of the top states unfortunately in property crimes,” said Alm. “Couple reasons why we are a tourist destination and when they look at statistics, they count the crimes against tourists or involving tourists, but they don’t count the number of tourists in our population base.”

Alm said crime is unfortunately common in high tourist areas and because of that petty crime goes up.

“In big tourist destinations people let down their guard they leave cameras on the beach they, people get intoxicated and become the perfect targets for punks that want to take a crack at them or steal from them,” said Alm. 

Just because crime is common in high tourist areas doesn’t mean Hawaii residents should get used to it. Some residents are tired of being on guard and would like to see some changes.

“What’s concerning for all of us is that we just don’t feel that safe,” said Alm. 

Honolulu Police offer safety tips for Hawaii residents and visitors. At the top of their list is to never leave personal belongings unattended on the beach and to carry what you need, leaving valuables in hotel rooms. 

HPD recommends keeping handbags and packages close to you while walking and while dining and shopping, do not leave bags unattended on chairs or tables. 

In some high traffic areas signs will be posted reminding residents and visitors to lock car doors and to not leave packages or bags in plain view.

Lastly, when going to an unfamiliar area, especially at night, it is best to go with a group. 

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For more information on safety tips from Honolulu Police head to their website