Utah elementary school bans homework for a year

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Mrs. Hall’s third-grade class is full of lessons.

Both the academic kind and the life kind.

Every second counts in this classroom.

“I always said anything that the kids don’t finish in class would be sent home as homework, and now I don’t get to do that,” said Janet Hall.

Butterfield Canyon Elementary School has a new rule this year: no more homework.

Kestler hagen says: “The best part is that I get to be with my family and I get to do my activities,” said fifth-grader Kestler Hagen.

I don’t think you’ll find many kids complaining here, and not just because they have more free time.

“Some of the questions were hard and at school you have the questions, but you have a teacher to ask them to,” said sixth-grader Alexa Reiford.

This wasn’t a quick decision.

Principal Amanda Bollinger says that the previous school board superintendent introduced them to Hattie’s research a couple years back, which shows homework in elementary schools isn’t beneficial..

“When there is research to show that homework’s not effective, it`s a practice that we need to leave behind,” said Bollinger.

It’s taken some adjusting, and not everyone is a fan, Principal Bollinger admits. But for the most part, people are on board, and she says you just can’t argue with the positive results.

“We’ve actually had a reduction by about 50 percent in anxiety referrals to our school physiologist,” said Bollinger.

As far as academics, the principal says things look to be staying the same.

“I am seeing them more focused on what they are doing at school, they know the importance of staying on task and learning here,” said Hall.

So when they go home, Mrs. Hall hopes they’re getting some other lessons.

“Hopefully, parents are taking advantage of the time to teach their kids life skills and things that will really benefit them, more than writing their spelling words five times,” said Hall.

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