HONOLULU (KHON2) — On Wednesday, Sept. 28 the United States Coast Guard reported that they confiscated nearly $3 million in unpermitted fireworks in the Port of Honolulu.

USCG officials and partners inspected 83 hazardous and general cargo containers at five different locations throughout the Honolulu Harbor.

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Nine containers that were improperly shipped were detained due to structural damage and undeclared hazardous materials, officials said.

(Courtesy: United States Coast Guard)

The USCG then checked 495 transportation workers’ credentials and scanned the entire Port of Honolulu for radiation and weapons of mass destruction.

Partner agencies then discovered a 13,449-pound shipment of unpermitted fireworks, estimated to be valued at around 2.7 million dollars.

Fireworks were safely handled and shipped back to the mainland.

The fireworks have been professionally destroyed at a disposal facility.

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Hawaii relies on products, food, supply and many other items imported by domestic and international supply chains. The USCG and other government agencies administer constant inspections of cargo to prevent disasters and maintain standards.