HONOLULU (KHON2) — State lawmakers have cut the University of Hawaii’s budget and UH is raising questions about add-ons that were not requested by the school.

The University said the Manoa campus is by far the most severely impacted, with a $35 million reduction in fiscal year 2022.

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UH’s Chief Financial Officer, Kalbert Young, said the budget passed by the legislature does not reflect a balanced or thoughtful approach to the overall UH budget.

As for campus repairs and upgrades, UH said it’s thankful to get more than $200 million for the next fiscal year, but it’s raising questions about a $42 million budget add-on for a “resource and education center.”

UH said it never asked for that money and it’s not familiar with that project.

“It’s unclear as to the extent that these funding choices of the legislature came at the expense of funding other actually needed UH priorities,” Young said.

Governor David Ige will have the final say on the budget.