HONOLULU (KHON2) — With Halloween right around the corner, Lopaka Kapanui continues to share his gift of master storyteller through his Mysteries of Hawaii ghost tours. On Thursday, the local storyteller shares the tale of one of Oahu’s busiest shopping malls.

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“A person who worked at Windward Mall told me they had a problem with a lot of hauntings. Spirits of children showing up as the shops are closing, they’re pulling down the gates and kids run in and make a mess of the store. The managers can’t find any kids. And spirits of children are seen at the theatre and various places around the mall.”

Lopaka Kapanui, Master Storyteller

In one case, Kapanui takes us a few years back to the food court at Windward Mall.

An employee told Kapanui the incident happened in the middle of the day.

“And this small Hawaiian girl comes up to me and her clothes is dirty,” Kapanui explained what the emloyee says. “And I thought maybe she homeless. She like food or something. I was planning to give her at least a couple dollars. And this small Hawaiian girl came up to me, and you know what she said? She goes like this to me: ‘Eh, you know why you get so much problems in your life?’”

When the woman replied and asked “why?” the little girl tells her, “Because you’re fat!”

Kapanui continued with the tale saying the woman told him when she tried to push away the little girl her hands passed right through the child. And then no one was there.

According to Kapanui, when it was Sears, the manager said there was video footage in the hardware section of senior citizens being shoved to the ground by something that’s not there.

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“So people have asked me, do you think those incidents have anything to do with the fact that there’s a graveyard behind Windward Mall. And could Windward Mall have been the entirety of that graveyard?” said Kapanui.