HONOLULU (KHON2) — On Day 14 of the construction clash, UH President David Lassner speaks on Mauna Kea.

Lassner approached the kupuna’s tent with a gift of blankets. The greeting was brief but he had this to say: “I came here because I wanted to see you I wanted to feel your spirit I wanted to witness for myself first hand what is happening here.”

Lassner who declined to comment on our questions says he wanted to hear from the people.

He said, “I’m committed to find a peaceful way forward for all of the people of Hawaii and that requires that I understand better than I did before I came here.”

Dr. Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, Kiai of Mauna Kea said, “We are happy they he came to visit we think we hope that he experienced kapu aloha and got to see for himself what Puuhulu Hulu looks like, what Puna Honua looks like and I think he felt that…but it’s not the place or time for us to engage in any other discussions so that wasn’t on the agenda.”

The Thompson family of Tihati Productions – one of the largest and longest running entertainment companies in the state – also visited Mauna Kea.

Later in the day another celebrity stopped by.

This time Damien Marley who is the son of legendary singer-songwriting Bob Marley.

Dr. Wong-Wilson said, “They are coming on their own, so we are excited they we have support from around the world really.”

On Sunday, one of the leaders of the kiai or protectors of Mauna Kea tell us they have made an arrangement with law enforcement officers at the mountain.

Kahookahi Kanuha said, “So from now on they’ll have access. We’ll remain at the checkpoint. But upon confirmation of those individuals in that telescope they’ll be allowed through and we’ll have access one vehicle a day…We’ve been talking with the law enforcement officers. We haven’t had these discussions with the mayor or the governor or any other entities. We have been communicating with law enforcement with the DLNR officers that are stationed right above the cattle guard above our kupuna tent.”