HONOLULU (KHON2) — On Saturday, Oct. 23, the Rainbow Warriors will play for the first time at Clarence T.C. Ching field with fans in attendance, and the program will pay tribute to legendary, fan-favorite, #15: Colt Brennan.

Brennan was electrifying. At 6-foot-3, the California native captivated the masses with his skills on the gridiron and his down-to-earth personality off the field. He was gifted with undeniable talent, determination and an arm adept at slinging spirals with pinpoint precision.

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His rise to fame was meteoric as the Warriors quarterback, setting NCAA passing records and leading the team to one of its most successful seasons to date.

Now, 14 years later, the program is paying tribute with the Rainbow Warriors playing in his honor Saturday night. The tribute will include Brennan’s favorite music played in the stands and a special halftime video presentation.

“We’re very honored by that. And we hope to have a big successful game tomorrow night, and we’re looking forward to it.”

Terry Brennan, Colt’s father

“We can’t believe that the people, after all this time, just felt so strong with Colt still — it means a lot to us,” said Colt’s mother Betsy Brennan.

Brennan’s death in May at the age of 37 was a shock. But he had faced hard times, dealt with legal issues and battled many demons before the accidental overdose that ended his life.

“He made his share of mistakes, no question about it,” Terry said, holding back tears. “He just thought the world of Hawaii and the people. I think he would want everybody to work hard at what they’re doing and anyone who needs help, be sure to ask for help.”

To honor him, his family created the Colt Brennan Legacy fund.

“We just thought it was a great opportunity to keep Colt’s memory alive and to create a legacy for him so the Colt Brennan Legacy Fund will support things that Colt cared about,” Carrera Shea, Colt’s sister, explained.

Proceeds will help fund youth sports, which Colt dedicated a great deal of his free time to while he was alive.

I can remember the stories he’d tell me. He’d go, ‘Dad, these kids, they don’t have much, but they love the game of football’ — he did. When he was a young kid, he just couldn’t get enough of it. I’d come home from work and he’d be sitting there watching Monday night football by himself, and he’d be with his blanket while he was sucking his thumb.”


The fund will also benefit organizations that help those suffering from mental health issues and addiction. Despite the tragic ending to Colt’s life, his father is grateful and proud of what he was able to achieve.

“The synergy that was going on over here during those times was really electric, and everyone was a part of it…and that was magic, that was magic,” Terry added. “We were very lucky to be a part of it.”

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Tickets for Saturday’s game are sold out. COVID restrictions limited seating at Clarence T.C. Ching Complex to 1,000.