HONOLULU (KHON2) — University of Hawaii at Manoa officials are looking to up security on campus which includes possibly installing a centralized security camera system for its Department of Public Safety.

“We’re just looking at the feasibility of implanting or having these CCTV cameras,” said Moanikeala Nabarro. “Right now we’re just seeking an entity and seeing if they can come up with a proposal for a comprehensive design.”

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The design UH is asking for include strategically installing cameras around campus that would alert public safety in real time through a centralized system.

“We’re looking at it possibly serving as a deterrent,” said Nabarro. “It could also be a tool and could be helpful for police and just allowing our public safety officers to create more eyes on campus.”

UH says there are already cameras on campus, but many are not monitored or maintained. The new system would allow officials to monitor campus and improve response time.

“Especially for a big university and a lot of new students coming in, now that we’re all in person and also to create a sense of awareness not just for the students but for visitors,” said Anna Backus, a UH Manoa student.

For now, UH is relying on other security measures like emergency call boxes, the Guardian app, and daily patrols.

“I think knowing that a person, not just the blue lights that we have, but having a person there or knowing someone will come to you is really reassuring,” Backus said.

The timeline of when this could be implemented is still in the works and so is the budget, but the university hopes to have something in place soon.

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“We are looking forward to the fall when more of our staff, faculty and students will be returning to the Manoa campus so we do understand that there will be an increase in needs,” Nabarro said.