UH Manoa fire extinguishers inspected despite outdated tags

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Some of the fire extinguishers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa are raising concerns.

They’re supposed to be inspected every year, but many fire extinguishers in the parking garage have tags that say they haven’t been inspected since 2012.

A viewer notified KHON2 via Report It.

The campus parking garage is always full and a car fire could be devastating because Honolulu Fire Department trucks would be too big to drive up there.

There are plenty of fire extinguishers but KHON2 saw at least a half dozen with tags saying they were last inspected in 2012 or 2013, drawing some alarm from students.

“They need to be checking on it more often just in case of an emergency,” said student Kaua Abbey.

The university has its own fire safety specialist who is in charge of taking the necessary safety precautions.

“It doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been inspected annually. All of the extinguishers at the University of Hawaii are inspected annually by our office of the University of Hawaii Fire Safety Program,” said UH fire safety specialist Rudy Tulonghari.

Tulonghari says the dates on the tags don’t mean much. The university keeps a file of records in the office of all the extinguishers on campus, about 2,500 of them.

He says the tags are just there to let the people in the safety office know that the extinguishers are due for a six-year inspection, which is another requirement.

“This system is for us. It’s not for the public, actually it’s for our maintenance of records,” said Tulonghari.

So KHON2 asked why not just replace each one with the properly dated tag if each extinguisher is being inspected regularly?

“Those pieces of paper cost money. In those three years that we took out one and put in another one in when we could have just saved on the tag and left it on with our notation on there, pennies count,” Tulonghari said.

He says all extinguishers on campus are working properly and are double-checked by the fire safety office staff.

UH fire safety officials did replace some of the old tags in the garage after we pointed them out.

KHON2 was told it’s merely for the peace of mind of the students and others who park in the garage.

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