Two whales beached on Maui euthanized after veterinary assessment

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After veterinary assessment, including blood tests, the whales were humanely euthanized. Their bodies will be flown to Oahu for post-mortem examination by the University of Hawaii Stranding Lab. NOAA officials will continue to monitor four other pygmy killer whales that are milling close to shore in the same area. 

This is the same area where melon-headed whales beached themselves in August, prompting concerns that this may indicate an ongoing trend.

NOAA Fisheries are responding to two pygmy killer whales that have stranded on shore near Sugar Beach, Maui. 

They are currently monitoring four other pygmy killer whales that are swimming about 20 yards offshore in the same area. 

Veterinarians are on scene are assessing the health of the two stranded whales. 

The two whales on shore and four whales in the water are very likely the six whales that they have been monitoring “milling” in the area since September 13, 2019.”

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