Hawaii Island police arrested two men Saturday, Jan. 2, in conjunction with the “Freedom Ride” rally that was held at the King Kamehameha Statue in Hilo.

The rally supported what organizers claimed was the constitutional “right to travel” with no driver’s license, registration, license plates, safety stickers and motor vehicle insurance.

Three vehicles left the King Kamehameha Statue area and proceeded into downtown Hilo with cardboard type plates saying “Not For Hire.” Patrol officers stopped the three vehicles on Punahoa Street for obstruction of license plates.

Rodney E. Piedvache, 72, of Naʻalehu, was arrested and charged with refusing to show identification, driving while license suspended/revoked and no motor vehicle insurance. He was released after $1,025 bail was posted. He also received traffic citations for various infractions.

A second man was arrested and charged with refusing to show identification, no operator’s license and no motor vehicle insurance. He refused to identify himself and is being held at the Hilo police cellblock with no bail. Traffic infraction cases were also initiated against him.

Both men’s vehicles were towed under Hawaii County Code section 24-12 duty of police to enforce traffic laws, which is known as “Aliyah’s Law.”

A third man, 39-year-old Joseph B. Pierce, who has no permanent address, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for yelling in the street while officers were conducting the traffic stops.

A fourth man was cited for obstruction of license plates and allowed to leave after removing the paper plates and then providing his driver’s license, registration and insurance for his vehicle.