Two local kids raising money to pay for school lunches in their community

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Twelve-year old Ashley Sergio and 7-year-old Alexis Sergio are two kids who came up with a huge idea to help other children their age during the holidays.

In October, they brain stormed ways they could give back.

“Usually we have this little paper and kind of write down what we want for Christmas and that was just something that came in our heads,” said Ashley Sergio.

They recalled hearing about students who didn’t have enough money for a school lunch.

“This one girl couldn’t have lunch because she didn’t have money, and she had to have a different kind of lunch,” said Alexis Sergio.

They decided to raise money to pay off student school lunches in their community.

“Their thought was if we’re able to pay off the school lunch debt, then the parents would be able to afford to put presents underneath the tree,” said Janae Sergio, Ashley and Alexis’s mother .

Their goal is to raise $10,000, hoping to give each school about $2,500 each to pay off lunch debts.

“We would like to support at least three schools in the area but if we can support more, that would be amazing,” said Janae Sergio.

“We would get the money in our Go Fund Me account and then we’d give it out to the schools and then they could possibly help pay for those who need it,” said Ashley Sergio.

One of the schools, they were looking to help is Barber’s Point Elementary School.

Sandy Calio, principal of Barber’s Point Elementary, said a donation like this could help many students. She said the way it works is people can donate money to the schools, which would then go in the general fund accounts. Once there, the school can cut checks directly into the student accounts.

“Coming from a school that is 60 percent ‘Title One’ which means they are at poverty or below poverty, this is a huge a huge gift,” said Calio.

Calio said the school does everything it can to serve kids food, even when they can’t pay, but that leads to a negative school lunch balance. She said even though there has only been one quarter in the school year, there are already families in the negative when it comes to paying for lunches.

“Right now our balance is $67 of students that owe money. But in the past it has gone – in previous years it has gone in the hundreds,” said Calio.

She said she is thankful for what these two sisters are doing.

“It touches my heart that families are willing to do this and donate, whether it’s time, whether it’s clothing, whether it’s cash, to give back,” said Calio. “And what I think is even more beautiful is that it came from the kids. It was a kid idea, and that to me says a huge amount.”

To find out more about the fundraiser, you can visit their GoFundMe page here.

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