HONOLULU (KHON2) — The heat was on Monday night as trick-or-treaters searched through the state for as much candy loot as possible.

“I love trick-or-treating because I get a lot of candy,” trick-or-treater Erin said.

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Some even had a game plan while they canvassed for candy in Kahala.

“My teacher had a talk to us in class today about how to track the neighborhood to get the most candy,” trick-or-treater Tyler said. “So it’s you go in like a pattern to get the most candy you zig zag through the streets.”

KHON2 spoke with keiki who were happy to return to the pre-pandemic fun and socialization.

“I hadn’t been able to trick-or-treat with my friends, and I’m new to my school. So it’s nice getting new friends to hang out with, and I’m really excited to be doing this with them for the first time,” trick-or-treater Mia said.

Pokemon, Top Gun and dinosaurs were among the most popular costumes.

And, the favorite candy? Most said Twix.

“Kind of between Twix and Sour Skittles,” Luka said.

“It’s really chocolaty and crunchy but I don’t like kit kat so it replaces that,” trick-or-treater Luz said.

From Kahala to Lower Palisades in Kailua-Kona all the way back to Kailua on Oahu, there are some great places to trick-or-treat here in the islands. But a favorite contraption is the Jack Skellington candy conveyer belt near Diamondhead. Jack has been around for three years now after being born out of the pandemic for contact-less trick-or-treating.

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“We all love going to Disneyland,” Jack’s creator Aaron Marsh said. “I loved going to Disneyland and seeing the animatronics and robots and all that stuff and just being able to do a little bit here and a little bit of Disneyland fantasy here to show the kids, it’s cool.”