HONOLULU (KHON2) — We are used to things being a bit more expensive in Hawaiʻi.

With the Jones Act still being enforced, residents are led down a path where we pay more in order to maintain dependency on the continent.

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A recent survey, parents of young children, at a rate of 60%, said they are dreading the impending holidays with 44% indicating that they are losing sleep over the stress of money and gifts.

Meanwhile, there are 47% of Americans who said they are dreading the 2023 holiday season due to the costs involved. The study found that Americans are expecting to spend on average around $654 on holiday gifts.

What makes this number eerie is the fact that 31% believe they will go into debt simply by participating in holiday traditions with 10% indicating that they are still paying off holiday bills from 2022.

So, this impacting the cost of turkeys across the United States with Hawaii suffering the greatest increase in prices.

A new study found that those celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States can expect to pay $35.40 for a 15-pound turkey.

However, those in Hawaii who are celebrating Thanksgiving can expect to pay $52.85 for a 15-pound turkey.

Here’s how Hawaii stacks up against the other four most expensive states:

  • Hawaii $52.85
  • Alaska $42.35
  • Minnesota $41.85
  • California $41.85
  • Rhode Island $39.35

These are the least expensive states to buy a Turkey for Thanksgiving:

  • Louisiana $27.30
  • Kansas $27.85
  • Oklahoma $27.85
  • Mississippi $29.25
  • Missouri $29.35

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So, as you are preparing for your feast for Thanksgiving on Thursday, keep in mind that prices have increased across the board for foods; so, that food bill may be a bit more than expected.