TSA confiscates fake dynamite at HNL, plus what holiday travelers need to know

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The week before Christmas is a busy one for travelers.

If you’re flying out of Honolulu, make sure you check your bags closely before you get to the airport.

The Transportation Security Administration recently found a fake stick of dynamite at Honolulu International Airport.

While that’s an obvious example of something travelers shouldn’t bring, officials say sometimes people forget about the common stuff that’s not welcomed through the security gates.

“Folks have a utility or Swiss Army knife on their backpack or on their belt, and they forget that its there and they show up at the airport. They’ll have to abandon that item or place it in checked luggage,” said TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy.

This time of year, wrapped presents can also cause issues at security checkpoints.

They’re technically allowed, but if something wrapped sets off a machine, agents will have to tear into it, so gift bags would be a better option to travel with.

Food items such as pies are also allowed, but TSA says all wine and liquor must go in checked luggage.

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