Trial continues for man who allegedly stabbed three people in road rage incident

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Mark Char is on trial for attempted murder and assault after an incident in 2016 where he allegedly stabbed three people in a road rage incident on the H1 freeway, near Waikele.

Victims say it started when Char pulled his car in front of them and kept hitting his brakes and gesturing at them like he had a gun.
When they pulled over, the victims say Char pepper sprayed them and then attacked them with a knife.

Witnesses, ranging from police officers, to other drivers and even emergency room doctors were called to testify Monday morning.

One witness recalls pulling over after seeing “aggressive hand gestures” between a young man and an older man before a fight started.

“When I was heading down, this guy passed me. He ran down while I was going back. When I was going back, he was running back up to me, and he was like ‘Don’t go there. Don’t go down there. I just got stabbed.’ I was like what, and then he showed me his hand…” said Charles Hauhio, a witness. “My thing, I like to go there and try and help. So when I try and go , that’s when the older gentleman came and was like, ‘You too?’ You too?.’

One officer that testified says that while he was watching Char, Char said something disturbing.

“He told me that he calls us, but we don’t do anything. So he needed to take things into his own hands,” said Officer Wayne Bumanglag.

Char’s attorney continued to ask whether it was self defense.

“While this old man is lying on the ground and these two young guys, they start beating on him right? Local style, you used the word pounding when you described it,” said Keith Shigetomi, Char’s lawyer.

He pointed out injuries that Char suffered during the incident as well as he cross-examined another officer.

“You told us that Mark wanted to photograph a bruise on his left arm is that right?,” Shigetomi asked Officer Wheat, who agreed.

“And looking at the photograph its fairly visible right, a large sized bruise,” Shigetomi asked again, to which Officer Wheat also agreed.

Char’s trial will continue on Wednesday.

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