Trial begins for dentist accused of killing 3-year-old patient

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The trial is underway for the dentist accused of killing a three-year-old child during root canal procedures. Her defense attorney says the dentist did everything she could, but didn’t know vital information before she started the dental work. The prosecution claims the Dentist Lilly Geyer did nothing to revive Finely Boyle after complications arose from a combination of sedatives given to the child. 

3-year-old Finley Boyle had a procedure for four root canals at Lilly Geyer’s dental office back in December 2013. Prosecutors argue that’s where Finley stopped breathing and her heart stopped beating after she was given sedatives and anesthesia.

“What were the omissions? The defendant didn’t administer CPR even though Finely was a few inches away from her. The defendant didn’t do nothing,” said Prosecutor Michael Parrish. 

Attorney Michael Green says the problem started about three weeks prior to the dentist appointment when Finely was diagnosed with a viral upper respiratory infection. 

“The problem is and the evidence will show when you have an upper respiratory infection it’s 4 to 6 weeks out before your vocal cords do not become hypersensitive certainly to water, and when we go through what happened in that dental chair her vocal cords slam shut. She (defendant) had no idea what she was up against,” said defense attorney Michael Green. 

Geyer is facing manslaughter and assault charges. She closed her dental practice after the death. A full day in court begins Friday morning. 

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