HONOLULU (KHON2) — Trash piling up at Palolo Stream has raised concerns for nearby residents and businesses for several months now. They believe a homeless camp is responsible for the mess and want something done about it, so they reached out to KHON2 for help.

Residents said trash has been piling at the stream under St. Louis Heights Bridge for months. They’re concerned that much of it will eventually get washed away into the ocean.

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“Don’t think it’s good for the environment and it should be dealt with,” said area resident Camila Caballero.

She and her roommates even tried cleaning some of the mess themselves.

“Sometimes for our friend’s birthday, she would always want to clean up the canal. So we would do that and then the next day we would look and it would look like we didn’t do anything,” said area resident McKenna Kanekoa.

Many of their neighbors actually expressed their frustration but were afraid to say anything on camera. And it’s not just residents who are upset about it.

“In the afternoon you’ll see there’s a lot of commotion there where they set up their houses,” said Jasmin Vicentino, supervisor at City Mill in Kaimuki.

She said the homeless have been harassing customers and workers as well as shoplifting.

“Lanterns, tarps, canopies, things get mostly stolen from the store. It’s a camping survival kit,” said Vicentino.

Another problem they’re dealing with at City Mill is the theft of shopping carts. Management said about 50 have been stolen, each one costs about $350-$500.

We reached out to the city about addressing the problem. A spokesman emailed us saying, “Department of Facility Maintenance has been working with HPD D-7 and is familiar with the individuals under the bridge. They have a cleanup of the St. Louis Bridge scheduled for next Wednesday.”

City Mill and nearby residents said regular cleaning and maybe more fencing could go a long way.

“Hopefully, that would make things a little easier and cleaner,” said Vicentino.

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“I think it will come back in a week or two so that’s why I think the city should keep it consistent with cleaning up the canal,” said Kanekoa.

We’ll follow up and let you know what happens.