A new economic outlook for the state suggests we could see growing pains in the months ahead because of the Kauai flooding and eruption on the Big Island. 

The University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization also known as U-HERO says the state’s economy hasn’t seen any big changes for the month of May.

However, it expects this to change in June based on reports of Big Island businesses and hotels being negatively impacted by the Kilauea eruption.

One of the biggest draws for visitors to Hawaii Island is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which is currently closed. 

“For the period that it has been closed, you could compare last year’s visitation numbers to this year’s, Carl Bonham, Executive Director of UHERO said. “And that would be an enormous drop off obviously and we’re having similar problems for different reason with the Arizona Memorial being closed.” 

“It was a bit of a disappointment that we couldn’t go out, said Margo Ruttley, U.S.S Arizona Memorial visitor. “We’re only here for a set length of holiday, maybe next time.”

A spokesperson tells us this is the most popular national park to visit. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is second. 

Although the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial behind me is closed, the site is honoring people’s tickets to the site by allowing them to take a boat tour around it.

On Friday, they took the floating dock with the bridge out of the water after cracks were found in it.  

“What we have found out, we’re not sure why, but the dock has moved away about one meter from where it should be, said Daniel Martinez, World War II Valor Historical Monument Chief. “We could not allow people to get across that bridge because of the safety issue involved.”