HONOLULU (KHON2) — Spring break is about to begin for thousands of students and many people are ready to get out and travel.

For some, it will be their first time without major pandemic restrictions. As travel has ramped back up to the islands, the University of Hawaii at Manoa Travel Industry Professor Jerry Agrusa said that tourism is back.

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“If you’re traveling for any reason even for spring break, or business or just to visit your family, just keep in mind that you will encounter a lot of people at the airport,” TSA Spokesperson Lorie Dankers said.

No matter where you’re headed, if you’re traveling for spring break expect it to be crowded at the airport.

Kona and Maui’s airports specifically are back to full capacity. Honolulu’s volume is not back to pre-pandemic levels just yet, and lines have been manageable.

“If you look at the passenger volumes that we are seeing in Honolulu,” Dankers said. “It is about 25% lower than we could have seen pre-pandemic. So you can keep that in mind when you come to the airport.”

TSA recommends arriving two hours before a flight, wearing slip-on shoes, no bulky jewelry and avoiding carrying-on liquids larger than 3.4 ounces. They said security lines at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport have been swift of late.

“Great news in Honolulu our stats show that 97% of our travelers at Honolulu are waiting 5 minutes or less to go through security,” Dankers said.

This as many wait to see what kind of impact the war in Ukraine will have on the price of flights.

“As gas prices keep going up, the airlines will have to raise their prices. And here in Hawaii, we’re just, we’re full, the inns are full, the restaurants are full, the airplanes are full,” Agrusa said.

The war could also send more visitors our way, although Agrusa said that hotels prefer to avoid being at 100% capacity so they have some flexibility.

“With these challenges that are going on in Europe, we’re going to get more tourists coming this way,” Agrusa said. “Anybody who was going to spring break or early April may go to Europe to probably cancel their reservations. I think it was booked for a place to come that is warm and nice.”

If you have yet to book your trip but plan to get away for a spring trip, you might not want to wait.

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“I would book it ASAP and try to see if there might be a deal here and there, but I doubt it. The challenge is not leaving the island, though. It’s just coming back,” Agrusa said.