‘To think, my life could have ended quickly.’ Driver involved in Windward Oahu crash speaks

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Tuesday’s crash in Windward Oahu involving a stolen truck had lasting repercussions on those in the area.

KHON2 tracked down a vehicle involved in the crash, the third in the truck’s path as it careened off Kahekili Highway, smashed into two light poles, and flipped several times.

The suspect who was driving the truck ran off, and remains at large.

We don’t know the extent of the suspect’s injuries, if any, but no one else was hurt.

Still, the crash left a physical and emotional scar.

Irene Takeuchi was shocked to see a truck cross the center line and head straight for her. She tells us she didn’t have time to react.

While the truck barely missed her, she felt a thud as she drove by and immediately pulled over.

A look at the vehicle Wednesday reveals damage along the entire right side. It’s covered in white powder, believed to be dry wall that flew out of the truck as it flipped.

Takeuchi says she’s so shaken, she still can’t drive.

“I didn’t want to drive today, I don’t want to drive tomorrow. It’s going to take awhile for me to get over it. I was really tense. After something like that, I was really tense.”

The Kaneohe woman was on her way home from work on Tuesday afternoon. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until she saw a speeding vehicle.

“There’s this truck, heading towards us. He was going the wrong way!” she explained. 

It was the seconds leading up to the crash that scared her the most. 

 “It was very spooky, very scary. We didn’t know what he would do. But when we saw him veering to the left side of the hill and he tumbled… It happened really quickly, in a matter of seconds. There was no time to think,” said Takeuchi. 

Takeuchi is the 4th car the stolen truck narrowly misses as it crashes on Kahekili Highway. Watching the dash cam video gives her the chills. 

“To think your life could have ended that quickly… it just is something else.”

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