HONOLULU (KHON2) — Safari Tech is a Black-owned computer store that specializes in mostly Apple devices. They buy, sell and repair laptops, desktops and even phones.

Their store became popular during the start of the pandemic when many students were learning from home, relying on their at-home online devices. 

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Gabriel Phillips, the owner of Safari Tech, said they wanted to help out their community during the pandemic and started to give out computers and tablets to students who did not have these devices at home.

“To help our community we’ve given out dozens of computers to those in need, however we have given out more iPads,” said Phillips. “Some older model iPads cannot be updated but are perfect for internet use to access social media, videos, and email.”

He said technology is the future and constantly evolving and it’s important to give every child the opportunity to be competitive in this world. 

“This means they have to be exposed, comfortable, and confident with technology,” said Phillips.

With many students back in the classroom and people heading back to work, they have started hosting computer literacy classes. Their next class, being offered in March. 

Courtesy: Safari Tech

“Lets face it, it doesn’t matter what type of career you choose, whether it’s food services or medical, you cannot get around using a computer,” said Phillips.

He said these classes are designed to prepare individuals for the workforce or entrepreneurship. This follows the nationwide trend of people leaving their current job and starting a new career. 

“Classes focus on basic to intermediate computer functions and delve into different skill sets such as word processing, video production, website design, and graphic design.,” said Phillips. 

He said at the start of the pandemic their inventory was scarce, however now it is abundant and they are eagerly waiting to help assist families in need. 

Supporting Black-owned businesses here in Hawaii is important to Phillips. He said Black people are underrepresented here on the island and although their footprint is small he wishes to make a big impact in what they do and how they contribute. 

Courtesy: Safari Tech

“Small businesses are the lifeline of this community,” said Phillips. “It’s important not only to support Black business but all small businesses to keep this vibrant community viable and full of life.”

He said if you are in need of a repair or are in the market for an updated computer you should check them out.

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