Tips to keep your pets safe, comfortable during New Year’s Eve

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — New Year’s Eve fireworks may be enjoyable for Hawaii residents, but they can be very disturbing to animals.

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According to the Hawaiian Humane Society, the shelter receives an increase in lost pets around New Year’s — often due to fireworks.

While the shelter has seen a 50% decrease in the number of stray cats and dogs being turned in this year, it is reminding pet owners to be especially cautious on New Year’s Eve.

“The loud unexpected noises from fireworks, aerials and firecrackers can be really startling to our pets and cause them to act erratically, and possibly even escape the yard even if it is fenced. So we recommend don’t leave them outside unattended and always leave them indoors if you plan on leaving the house to partake in the festivities.”

Hawaiian Humane Society Communications Manager Jessica Tronoski

Dr. Judy Yasunaga with Alii Animal Hospital and Resort recommends putting pets in a secure and quiet room inside the house.

“Even pets who seem really calm normally can actually climb out the window, claw their way through screens and fences and other things like that. So we really really want to keep these guys safe,” Dr. Yasunaga said about how fireworks can affect pets.

Alli Animal Hospital also suggests doing anything to help drown out the noise on New Year’s Eve.

“We want to make sure these guys are comfortable as well so playing some music, white noise, keeping the TV on,” Dr. Yasunaga said.

If a pet seems especially nervous around loud sounds, there is also the option to get a prescribed calming medication from a veterinarian. Dr. Yasunaga said, animals can also be boarded.

The Humane Society says, make sure all pets are microchipped so staff can use the contact information if the animal is found and turned in.

To report a lost pet, click here. To report a found pet, click here.

In addition to filing a Lost Report, the Humane Society suggests posting flyers in the neighborhood where the pet was last seen. Information on the flyers should include:

  • Description of your pet
  • Recent image(s) of your pet
  • Pet’s name
  • Owner contact information (email, phone number or both)

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