Tips to ease stress during a hectic holiday season

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Christmas is a week away, and the holidays can add a bit of stress for some people trying to get their shopping and to-do lists done.

“Traffic in Kailua is a son of a gun, but we are all getting through it and it’s fun to keep the holiday spirit and smile,” said Kailua resident Cynthia Smoot.

Jim Donahue agrees. “The stuff that we can do online makes it a lot easier, so no, I’m not stressed. It’s Christmas,” he said.

Dr. Allana Coffee, a licensed psychologist, says get some exercise, get enough sleep and try not to fill too much of your time off with too many activities.

“Adopt an attitude of peace and gratitude and that tends to calm us down a little bit. (Remember) what is the purpose of this holiday again and being in that space,” Coffee said.

Jose Sarabia says he’s doing his shopping soon. “The kids finished school yesterday. Maybe tomorrow, today I do my shopping,” he said.

Lisa Gould is a professional organizer with She says make a to-do list, and immediately cross off items you know you can’t get done.

Instead of wrapping your gifts, use gift bags, and, she suggests, focus on your family.

“Just take shortcuts, because you are still going to have the same outcomes and the same memories,” Gould said. “Basically you want to have more time to enjoy the holidays and less time doing the holidays.”

If you still have shopping to do, make a plan and go early to avoid the crowds.

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