HONOLULU (KHON2) — Prices seem to be going up everywhere, so what about wages?

Adding inflation to the mix leaves some wary about asking for a raise, but some argue it could be the perfect time as Hawaii’s job market recovers from the pandemic.

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Locals are not alone if they are hoping for a solid raise. Kumabe HR said while inflation hits businesses and employees alike, companies are looking to keep their good workers on the job.

“Organizations are actually, really, I think at this point open and believe it or not, it’s better to keep someone that’s great because if you have to replace them, you’re going to pay at least what you’re paying for that person, plus, plus,” said Marie Kumabe, president and CEO of Kumabe HR.

Kumabe said highlighting your strengths and knowing your worth is critical when it comes to asking for that bump in pay.

“Be able to articulate what contributions have you made to the organization, what makes you stand out? And once you know your value, that’s obviously going to give you a lot more credibility when you try to negotiate,” Kumabe said.

KHON2 also asked what a typical raise looks like in Hawaii’s current job climate.

“If you have good performance, it’s 3% to 5%, depending on how the business climate is.”

Marie Kumabe, Kumabe HR president & CEO

One Side Street Inn worker said inflation is hitting hard but they do give kitchen staff tips.

“Expensive, expenses, just more money. I’m trying to pay to catch up a lot of the time,” Scott said. “They actually break us off a piece of what, you know, all the hard work that goes into it, we get some of that, a lot of kitchens don’t get that.”

Scott said asking for a raise is not easy, but one self-employed electronics salesman said he found success with other incentives when he did have a boss.

“If they can’t give you a raise, then they should give you some in-store credit, or like some kind of stock options that would help you live more comfortably,” Bob Castro said.

Kumabe pointed out bringing up inflation during the request is something businesses are understanding of. Finding the average pay of your job is also important, according to Kumabe, and recommended folks take a look at salary.com.

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“Cause it comes down to your budget,” Kumabe said. “And how do you know what to expect if you don’t know if you get this now, what’s this going to look like?”