HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hawaii residents love their fireworks and whether you are going out to view fireworks downtown or will be lighting sparklers in your front yard it’s important to think about how fireworks impact your furry friends. 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) many dog owners deal with howling, barking and other anxious behaviors during firework shows. 

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Independence Day and New Year’s Eve are believed to be the two days with the highest number of dogs running away. 

If this is your first New Year’s Eve with your dog or cat you might not know how they are going to react.

Making sure your furry friend is microchipped in case they do escape is very important. Oftentimes animal shelters who find lost dogs and cats will check to see if the animal is microchipped. 

Tips to help keep your animal calm during New Year’s Eve:

  • Keep Your Dog Away From Fireworks
  • Make Sure Your Pet Has Proper ID
  • Create a Safe Haven For Your Dog or Cat
  • Play White Noise
  • Comfort Your Dog or Cat
  • Walk Them Before the Fireworks Start
  • Desensitize Your Pet to the Sounds of Fireworks
  • Talk to Your Vet
  • Consider Hiring a Trainer

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For more helpful tips ahead of the firework celebrations this New Year’s Eve head to AKC’s website