HONOLULU (KHON2) — Stop stealing from our kids! That’s the message from a Nanakuli family to the thieves who stole from their Halloween display, not once but twice.

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Whether It’s Halloween or Christmas, the Makue family likes to go big with decorations.

“So we have this guy, he’s a 12-foot skeleton and at nighttime his eyes actually light up and move around,” said Angel Makue.

This year’s display is as impressive as years past. That is, until the Harry Potter inflatable was stolen on Friday. And then two more inflatables were taken on Tuesday. The family spends hundreds of dollars every year to decorate their yard.

“The money thing doesn’t bother me, it’s that you just took from our kids and now having to explain to them and then be all sad that we can’t celebrate like we normally do for every holiday. We decorate for everything so everybody is constantly coming through here,” said Angel.

After the second theft Angel and her husband decided to take most of the decorations down, afraid that the thieves would come back for more.

The Makue family has been setting up the display every year for the past 11 years. It’s been a hit for the whole neighborhood. They can’t understand why anyone would do this.

“I don’t understand what is the purpose of taking them. Even if you felt like you could display them or not, I would feel guilty taking from kids or another family,” she said.

Angel has checked with the neighbors to see if their security cameras might have recorded the thieves but there’s been no luck. The neighbors are just as disappointed as the family.

“When their kids come, that’s the first thing they look forward to is like, oh we can go walk past auntie’s house. They always have the nice decorations. I always tell them yeah, yeah, come take pictures,” said Angel.

The family plans to put the decorations back up again. They’ve installed new cameras hoping the thieves would leave them alone.

“It literally shows everything, it even goes across the street. It lets us know anytime there is a person, even when their dogs come outside, it tells us animal detected. It lets us know everything, we got the best of the best now that this happened,” said Angel.

And if that doesn’t keep the thieves away, maybe this message from her kids will.

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“Stop stealing all our stuff because the whole neighborhood wants to see all our cool decorations. And it’s not fair to anybody,” said the kids.