HONOLULU (KHON2) — There were scary moments for employees at Aloha Card Shop in Puck’s Alley Sunday, Jan. 30 after police say a thief walked in with a gun, demanding sports cards.

Employees were helping a customer when it happened.

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“He told all of us to put our hands up and stay behind the counter and look away and don’t look at him,” said Reece Felix, an employee of Aloha Card Shop.

Shocked by what they were seeing, employees stood there frozen while the thief went for the sports cards case.

“He walked over to the display and he started opening it up and taking cards,” Felix said.

In a matter of minutes, the thief got away with a bag full of cards worth up to $30,000.

“It’s actually crazy for all of the times for that to happen, because it’s during the Super Bowl,” said Elijah Shimabukuro, an employee at Aloha Card Shop. “The Super Bowl is coming up really soon, and all of the quarterbacks and popular players were on that shelf.”

For Aloha Card Shop, it’s not the first time the business has become a victim.

“We had a burglary before, like five months ago when we first opened.” said Felix. “We had a vent over there on the wall, and someone kicked it in and crawled though. After the first time it was like ‘wow that was mind blowing. I can’t believe that happened,’ but this is like a whole other level.”

Police say no arrests have been made at this time.

“We’re just kind of reminding businesses to take those proactive steps in protecting yourself and some of those things are just setting up a good surveillance system,” said Sgt. Chris Kim of the Honolulu CrimeStoppers. “Setting up cameras provides a good visual deterrent and setting up signs.”

Beefing up security is exactly what Aloha Card Shop plans to do.

“We are going to install a buzzer on the door so we can see the people outside before we let them in,” Shimabukuro said.

For now, the business is just glad things didn’t turn out worse.

“Of course, I’m worried about the cards and the monetary value, but above all I don’t want my friends or family to get hurt,” said Felix.

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Anyone with information about this case is asked to call HPD.