HONOLULU (KHON2) — Thanksgiving feasts are something that has become iconic for winter traditions.

We did a survey for our readers on X/Twitter, and this is what you had to say.

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The biggest winner was stuffing. Fifty percent of our readers prefer stuffing over other Thanksgiving dinner options.

This was followed by mashed potatoes which got 25% of the votes. Turkey followed with nearly 19%, and cranberry sauce got 6%of the votes.

So, what are our favorite foods for Thanksgiving here at KHON2.com?


Stuffing by far is the most popular dish for Thanksgiving. For our reader poll, there were 53% or respondents who chose stuffing as their favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Joe Moore loves stuffing but only his wife’s secret recipe stuffing which he likes to eat with baked chicken or turkey.

For Kristine Uyeno, she loves stuffing because of the “big chunks of bread and small, crunchy nuts inside. I like stuffing that’s moist but not too soggy. Still, I’m not that picky; I’ll eat stuffing made from a box, which I plan to do this Thanksgiving!”

“I don’t discriminate, but I lovvveeee stuffing,” declared Sam Spangler. “It’s so good with turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. I don’t understand why it’s confined to Thanksgiving, but I also like that it’s special for that time of year.”

Chevy Chevalier thinks that stuffing is the best Thanksgiving treat.

Mashed potatoes

Hailing from what we know as South America, potatoes are one of our favorite things about Thanksgiving feasts.

Brittni Friedlander loves mashed potatoes.

“AHHH YESSSS…I’m torn between mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese,” declared Friedlander. “I’ll go with mashed potatoes because it’s a staple piece of Thanksgiving, and my mom taught me a great and simple recipe that’s a family favorite. The weird secret ingredient is actually spinach; it’s also a good way to sneak in some veggies!” 


Manolo Morales is a big fan of the turkey. One of the original staples of the Indigenous foods that First Nations peoples gave to Pilgrims to help them not starve to death during their first winter in a new land.

“Turkey is the star of Thanksgiving, so that is hands down my favorite dish,” exclaimed Morales. “One thing we’ve learned is brining really makes it moist. Instead of brining, my mother-in-law bastes the bird multiple times. Lots of work but well worth it.”

Cranberry sauce

Our very own Bryce Moore loves this controversial side dish that perks up any plate regardless of how you feel about it.

“I have got to say cranberry sauce!” proclaimed Moore. “The perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors not only adds a burst of vibrant taste to a Thanksgiving feast, but the crimson color deepens the aesthetic and reminds me that Christmas is soon to follow.”

Moore loves this side so much that he had even more to say about its contribution to the meal.

“It pairs seamlessly with the turkey itself and other sides!” added Moore. “It uplifts the entire dining experience and gives me another reason to be thankful.”


Christian Shimabuku likes to take a less traditional approach to the flavors that he enjoys for Thanksgiving.

“Every Thanksgiving I’ve had since I’ve lived here, poke has been a part of a spread,” explained Shimabuku. “So, I’ll go with poke. I like poke much more than any other Thanksgiving food the other 364 days of the year, so why not on Thanksgiving as well?”

Cornbread and hashbrown casseroles

These two southern delicacies are this reporter’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes. These casseroles mean that it’s time to dig in and eat as much as possible while continuing to graze as we watch movies all day.

The key to the best hashbrown casserole? Parboil the shredded potatoes for a minute, dry them and fry them up in a cast iron skillet before adding to the rest of the ingredients and baking.

And adding a delicious local honey to your cornbread casserole makes it extra ono.

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So, there you have some of our favorite things… for Thanksgiving. We wish you the best this holiday season.