HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center is ready to give the community a good scare in its 2nd annual “Theatre of Terrors,” featuring nine rooms to walk through.

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Mj Matsushita, Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Learning Center Coordinator, said her students designed the rooms, did all the research and have been doing all the buildings as well.

“So, it’s been quite a fun adventure, making this one,” she said.

The students have been working for five weeks in class to construct the haunted house, and this year, they are not holding back.

“We had to be very conscious of social distancing. So the pathway was pretty much a straight pathway through different rooms. This time, it’s much more of a maze, and very much more confined trails to get through everything,” said Matsushita.

They warn people some elements might be challenging for any age, but all are welcome. Click here for tickets and time slots.

“On Saturday the 22nd, we’re going to have a time period from 5 o’clock to 6 o’clock, which is specially designed for students or children who are autistic,” said Matsushita. “So it’s going to be a much low stimulation. So brighter lights, a lot less of a scare factor from the performers to come through during that time period.”

It’s not just a haunted house, they will be having a bake sale as well.

“Everything for this as a fundraiser for the Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center program, and that also helps to fund the program so that we can do a musical in the spring,” said Matsushita.

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The Theatre of Terrors is open this Friday to Sunday and again next weekend.