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HONOLULU (KHON2) If you guys at home are hungry, well we’re going to make you even hungrier.

If you already ate you probably will want eat again.

At The Street, we’re always thinking up new additions and new dishes.

Really to get you ready for your summer beach bod. we got some great stuff here at Indy Grill.Aa couple of the new toasts that we serve on our multi grain wheat. We have hummus toast with radishes and chick peas.

Then we have what we call our pb and yay..which is all natural peanut butter, with blueberries, bananas, some shaved coconut and hemp seeds drizzled with a little bit of honey, and then our Maui gold pineapple acai bowl.

There is also a garlic shrimp, classic local garlic shrimp from our new station Pawn Star which is more like local style menu. We do a chicken katsu. We do garlic shrimp as you see. We also do a kalbi style rib which is delicious.

This just smells super good. What are you adding to it to make it smell so. I’m getting really hungry.

So right now I have the shrimp cooking right now. add a little bit of julienne onion but this is the kicker right here I’m gonna add my garlic butter which is like – that’s the magic stuff. That’s the key right there. I’m going let that melt down a little bit, then after add our stock and the rest of our ingredients.

I can’t wait to eat this in a couple minutes here. For people who have never been, explain what the Street Food Hall is.

It’s really some of our favorite things to eat. Myself and Michael partnered with some local chefs as well as chefs back on the mainland to create a bunch of different hawker stands that feature great dish items. So ramen bar. So instead of driving all the way to the North Shore you can garlic shrimp right here in Waikiki.

That’s a good deal. Let’s talk about the summer because obviously these are some new dishes but anything else going on that’s new and exciting?

We have live entertainment seven nights a week. It’s always a great time at the street. We’ve got a great beverage program. We just launched a new cocktail menu at the Minah Bird which is our tiki bar. I think it’s perfect for the summer, whether it’s pre or post beach. Come by and celebrate with us

We have a great burger restaurant called Burger Hale a chef from MW restaurant.

So on this spread do you have a personal favorite?

My personal favorite here is the acai bowl. I love startinig off my days with an acai bowl. the pb and yay. I substitute almond butter but the pb and yay is great for lunch filled with protein and really good omega three ealthy fats. Then later on if you want, we’ve got garlic shrimp.

The Street Food Hall
International Market Place
2330 Kalakaua Avenue, Suite 330
Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone: (808) 377-4402

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