Police are searching for a missing woman on Maui. Her name is Amanda Eller.

She was last seen Wednesday. Her car was found Thursday in the Makawao Forest Reserve parking lot. Since then the Maui Police Department, Maui Fire Department, State DLNR Forestry, American Medical Response as well as volunteers from Maui Search & Rescue have been out searching for her.

“Really sad that, how could this happen to such an amazing person? I know she’s incredibly strong, she’s athletic, she’s an avid hiker and outdoors person,” said Lucia Maya, a friend of Amanda Eller.

Friends of Amanda Eller say she loves the outdoors and Makawao Forest Reserve is one of the places she likes to visit.

“The way we found her car is, the police said, ‘What are places she frequents?’. And that was one of them that we mentioned for running,” said Sarah Haynes, one of Eller’s friends on the search team. “Her car was there and her belongings were in her car. Her phone was in her car. That is common for her. She likes to unplug when she runs.” 

Haynes says in the last 24 hours people from all over Maui have been coming out to help search.

“Amanda’s really well loved in the yoga community and there are people coming from all over the island coming in and hiking and trying to find her,” said Haynes.

She says they’re using every means possible to locate Eller. 

“I mean horses, dogs, ATVs, repellers, multiple drones… We’re doing everything we can think of, and there hasn’t been a sign of her,” said Haynes.

Friends say they just want her found soon.

“I guess my hope is that she’s just injured not too badly. But that she’ll be found quickly and that there hasn’t been any foul play,” said Lucia Maya.

Haynes the search for Amanda Eller will continue through the weekend. They’re asking for help from people who may know the area well, or are good repellers, or are mountain bikers, so they may cover larger areas. However they ask that people don’t bring their dogs or young children, as it may hinder the search.

To take part in the search, you can check this link.