The Eddie on “yellow alert,” will not run on Monday

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — In order for The Eddie to go, waves must reach heights of 20-feet Hawaiian style.

Liam McNamara, the man who will make the call, says that he sees a promising swell.

“We see a swell that is rising rapidly on Monday and it’s going to be in the pretty big size in that 20 to 25 category that we’re looking for Monday, but possibly looking at Tuesday being the actual day depending on the time of the swell arriving,” said the contest director.

But as of 6 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 28, Mcnamara said that the contest will not run on Monday as The Eddie is still on yellow alert. At this point, Tuesday may be the best bet.

“Contest will Not run Monday Still in a yellow pattern to consider the option of running Tuesday.”

McNamara and his team will watch the swell closely over the next few days.

“Sunday night we’ll be monitoring the buoys and seeing when it arrives off of Kauai — the Kauai buoys over there — and we’ll be able to know if Monday is a day we can run the event.”

The official waiting period for The Eddie runs through February 29. Fifty-five surfers, alternates and big wave legends will wait for the green light call.

“Mother nature and the bay calls the day. So even if we have a green light, we still will have to be there on the morning and make that final green decision. There are times that the swell just doesn’t materialize.”

McNamara says that the next update will come at noon on Saturday. If the bay does call the day, it would be the first time The Eddie ran since 2016.

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