HONOLULU (KHON2) — According to the Aikau family, The Eddie is on.

According to the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational website, the event will run on Wednesday, Jan. 11.

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That’s why the energy on the North Shore is buzzing. I spoke with Clyde Aikau earlier today, and he confirmed that the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational is on. It is getting the green light, and the contest is set to run on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at Waimea Bay.

Now, Clyde Aikau has been monitoring the conditions all day long with forecasters. He said the winds are looking a little rough for Wednesday morning, but conditions should become perfect later that afternoon.

A reminder for the contest. It needs 20-foot consistent waves to run. The contest has only run nine times in its history with the last time in 2016 with John John Florence taking the title.

Surfers from near and far are getting ready to compete in the world’s most prestigious surf competition.

Some of the invitees said they have waited their entire lives for this moment. For many surfers, this contest is not just about winning a title. It is about celebrating the legendary waterman, Eddie Aikau.

“It is so much more than a surfing competition. This is, honestly, the most meaningful day of my entire surfing career. I lost my brother when I was eight-years-old, and his dream was to surf in this event as the first representative from Maui. And, since that day — that was 1998 — I, I walked through life with that replaying in my mind; and I’ve never been so excited. And, just so honored to be able to compete in surfing. Today, we celebrate uncle Eddie, you know, the greatest waterman of all time. The person who put people before he put himself,” said Billy Kemper, Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational Invitee.

As you can imagine, Waimea Bay will be extremely packed come Wednesday with spectators coming from near and far. The City said they are meeting with State partners today to figure out parking plans and additional bus routes for Wednesday.

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The City said there will be a press conference come Tuesday, Jan. 10, and we’ll be able to bring you more information about traffic and parking plans around this area.

The invitees for the event include some of the legends of surfing:

Aaron Gold

Andrea Moller

Billy Kemper

Eli Olson

Emily Erickson

Ezekiel Lau

Grant Baker

Greg Long 

Ian Walsh

Jake Maki

Jamie O’Brien

Jamie Mitchell

John John Florence

Josh Moniz

Justine Dupont

Kai Lenny

Keala Kennelly

Keali’i Mamala

Kelly Slater

Koa Rothman

Kohl Christensen

Landon McNamara

Lucas Chianca

Luke Shepardson

Makani Adric

Makuakai Rothman

Mark Healey

Mason Ho

Michael Ho

Nathan Florence

Nathan Fletcher

Nic von Rupp

Paige Alms

Peter Mel

Ramon Navarro

Ross Clarke-Jones

Shane Dorian

Taio Shipman

Tikanui Smith

Tyler Larronde


Mikey O’Shaughnessy

Kahea Hart

Chris Owens

Dave Wassel

Ben Wilkinson

Joey Cadiz (Aloha)

Reef McIntosh

Mike Pietsch

Torrey Meister

Ryan Seelbach

Chris Bertish

Jamie Sterling


Bianca Valenti

Laura Enever

Raquel Heckert

Silvia Nabuco

Polly Ralda

Isabelle Leonhardt