HONOLULU, Hawaii (KHON2) – Kevin and Beth Ann Bligh started a family project to teach their daughters about inclusivity.

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They Massachusetts couple went around their local community to find schools who would be interested in receiving multicultural crayons.

“I work in an elementary school in kindergarten classrooms and every month the kids have to do a self portrait and there never were the right colors for some of the kids,” said Beth Ann Bligh, the creator of The Crayon Project.

By popular demand, The Crayon Project was born. The initiative aims to spread multicultural awareness by providing art supplies to schools.

“We spend a lot of time downstairs packing boxes,” said Kevin Bligh, the creator of The Crayon Project. “A lot of paper cuts on our hands from packing all of these boxes up, but it’s certainly very fulfilling.”

One crayon box after another, The Crayon Project has become a worldwide production.

“We have people reaching out on a daily basis from across the country. We have shipped to now 49 states–we’ve shipped to Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Guam and Canada,” said Kevin.

So far, The Crayon Project has delivered care packages to four Hawaii schools.

“It’s nice that I just emailed them and low and behold a few weeks later, I got the package and I was so excited,” said Michelle Santos an elementary school teacher on Oahu. “I think it’s awesome, because it’s a nice tool to use to teach the kids to be comfortable and proud of your skin tone. Also, to be very accepting of all types of skin tones no matter where you come from.”

The entire project is driven by donations from across the country.

The Crayon Project is grateful for those paying it forward and they hope to continue to inspire change.

“We understand that these are boxes of crayons and it’s a small way to make an impact in terms of driving racial equality and a better sense of justice in the world that we see that needs it,” Kevin said.

To donate to The Crayon Project, click here. To request a care package from The Crayon Project, email info@thecrayonproject.org.

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