HONOLULU (KHON2) — The beach is ubiquitous to life in Hawaiʻi. Even if you hardly ever go, a beach is always some place not too far from where you are.

Some of us keep our vehicles packed just in case we want to pop by a beach and relax or play a bit.

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So, KHON2.com decided to provide a checklist that can help you keep your vehicle — and yourself — ready for a beach visit at any time.

1. Trolley wagon or travel bag

When you go to the beach, you need a way of transporting all the things you’ll need to make your visit comfortable and happy. Retailers throughout the islands sell collapsible wagons that make any beach trip easier. Or, if you prefer, a travel bag or backpack can be supplied with lots of items you’ll take with you.

2. Beach chairs

There are all sorts of beach chairs. So, if you are going to keep them in your car, then you’ll want to purchase chairs that are small and collapsible.

3. Beach umbrella/tent

The sun in Hawaii rarely relents and while we like this about our home, it can become a bit too much to handle when you are sitting on a beach. An umbrella or a tent give you the option to get out of the sun if you are overheated or simply need a respite from so much shine.

4. Beach blanket

A beach blanket is not a beach towel. A beach blanket gives you the freedom to spread out while you are communing with nature.

5. Beach towels

Some use beach towels to lie on the beach, but beach blankets are much better for that. A beach towel will remain sand free so you can dry off without coating yourself in more sand.

6. Travel pillow

It may sound unnecessary but when you are lying on the beach, you are going to want something soft and comfy to rest your head upon, especially if you’re reading and/or sleeping.

7. Beach towel clips

These handy little clips are easy to stow and will keep your beach towel from falling into the sand.

8. Reef safe sunscreen

Does anything else need to be said about this?

9. An extra swimsuit

This is a swimsuit that can be kept in your car so that you’ll always have one if you spontaneously decide to go to the beach.

10. Beach wear/sarong

Believe it or not, it can get cold on Hawaii’s beaches. Beach wear and sarongs not only enhance your personal style, but they also can provide much needed warmth.

11. Slippahs

Standard wear for Hawaii. An extra pair in your car will ensure that you don’t have to wear your nice shoes to the beach where they will get all sandy and wet.

12. Water shoes

These handy shoes will keep your feet safe while walking on hot sand or on rocky sand. These are especially good for anyone who may have an autoimmune disorder who may be more prone to infections or other issues with feet.

13. Cooler

No matter who you are, you will want to be hydrated while at the beach. Keeping this handy method of keeping beverages and foods cool are a must for any beach visit. Be sure to pack with water or other electrolyte rich beverages, ice and snacks. Also, if you have any medications that you need to take on a regular basis, a cooler is an excellent way to keep those safe and usable.

14. Boogie/Body boards

While surfing is a hugely popular sport, boogie or body boarding is also quite popular. You don’t want to end up at the beach with no way of riding those waves.

15. Snorkel gear

Regardless of where you go to the beach in Hawaii, there is going to be some marine life that you’ll want to see.

16. Sunglasses

The sun can brutal on the face and eyes. Keep your ocular mechanisms safe from UV rays with sunglasses. They can also help reduce sun-related headaches.

17. Hat

A hat really does make the beach visit easier. Not only do they look cool, but they can also help keep you cool and safer from UV rays.

18. Hand sanitizer/sanitizing wipes

You always need these because having fun can be a dirty experience sometimes.

19. Handheld fan

The heat is rising out there and sometimes, it’s easier to jump in the water. But if you are still hot, then a small handheld fan can provide you with a bit of air circulation comfort in this dire heat.

20. Something great to read

A good book — whether it’s an actual book or an e-book or anything in-between — always helps create an amazing memory. So, the next time you are at the beach, see how much your imagination soars while reading in nature.

21. Trash disposal bags

You don’t want to leave your litter at the beach for any reason. So, be sure to have a supply of bags that you can put your trash/rubbish/litter in so you can throw it away properly.

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This is not an all-inclusive list of everything you’ll need at the beach. Everyone is different, so, use this list to begin creating your own get-away stash in your vehicle.