HONOLULU (KHON2) — Families are preparing for Thursday’s big feast, but veterinarians are warning — don’t let your four-legged friends in on all of the action.

It’s a time when animal hospitals are seeing a large influx of pets.

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“Thanksgiving and the holidays, the couple days before because people are starting to prepare foods, then a couple of days after and certainly the overnight of Thanksgiving is usually very, very busy with emergencies,” Dr. Whitney Pressler of Alii Animal Hospital said.

Leftover bones can be dangerous for pets. They can get stuck during digestion and puncture organs like the intestines.

“They will chew them and grind them down but they can actually cause an infection in the colon. So some of those are super painful and have to stay in the hospital with fluids for many days,” Dr. Pressler said.

If your dog eats too much fatty or sugary food, there’s also a risk of developing pancreatitis and needing extra care.

“Pancreatitis is pretty severe in some cases, and those that are usually showing signs of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, sometimes they are positioning their body strangely. They’re in a downward dog position because they don’t want to lay down. They’re panting and pacing because they’re feeling really crummy,” Dr. Pressler said.

And, the bill could make the owner sick to their stomach.

“An emergency typically will run anywhere between $500 easily up to $15,000 for a severe case of pancreatitis,” Dr. Pressler said. “In rare cases, it can even be surgical. Bone, foreign bodies that are surgical or perforate the antecedents, can cause massive infection and require prolonged hospitalization, continuous suction drains, like, really intensive care; and those are going to be truly upwards in the $10,000 to $20,000.”

But, she adds that it can be good to get your dog a human food treat, just make sure it’s bland.

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“Something that’s low in fat is usually a safe choice. So as long as they don’t have any particular allergies like the white part of the turkey might be okay or some boiled chicken would be okay,”