HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s been almost a week since KHON2 News first noticed Rocky hanging around Kaiwi and her new pup through our 24/7 monk seal live stream.

The three seemed to be getting along but on Monday afternoon, the two adult monk seals got into a bit of a quarrel.

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The monk seal camera captured Rocky nipping at Kaiwi’s pup Pualani who then retreats to her mother’s side.

Kaiwi clearly not pleased with what happened, turns around and snaps at Rocky.

After a short scuffle, the monk seals continue about their day swimming and resting near each other.

But at around 6:25 p.m., the two go at it again. Kaiwi chases off Rocky when she tried to get too close to the mother’s resting area.

Upon Rocky’s return to Kaimana Beach on Thursday, May 18, the Hawaii Marine Animal Response said the beach is a regular “haul-out” location for her.

Kaiwi welcomed her newest pup to the world on April 14 and a month later the pup was gifted her official name, Pualani. The name was chosen by teachers and students from Waikiki Elementary School.

Pualine could be weaned any day now, according to The Marine Mammal Center, monk seal pups typically are at about 30 days of age.

Hawaiian monk seals are one of the most endangered species in the world so the public is urged to keep their distance from the mammals.

Parts of Kaimana Beach have already been blocked off to protect Kaiwi and Pualani. However, you can watch the monk seals from the comfort of your own home through the KHON2 News 24/7 monk seal live stream.

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Click here to see Kaiwi and Pualani and you might even spot Rocky too.