Ten more people aboard cruise ship in Japan infected with Coronavirus

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Ten more people are infected with the Coronavirus aboard the cruise ship in Japan and have been taken off the ship.

Everybody else is under quarantine including an Ewa Beach couple.

The Diamond Princess cruise ship is docked off Yokohama Bay after initially discovering that 10 were infected with coronavirus which now has doubled to 20.

After being confined to their stateroom for more than 24 hours in quarantine, Eric and Debbie Pagan say they’re doing well.

“Yeah it’s gonna be a long road. The good part is at least we got the meals here, we got our showers, we got our restrooms, we got the bed,” said Eric.

They also have a balcony which helps. They seem more worried about how others in the ship will do, knowing that they have to remain in quarantine for 14 days.

“There’s some people, we see them, they have babies and children. You coop them up in a room and as the days go by, people’s temperament and patience and whatever is probably gonna start changing,” said Eric.

He says he is aware of two other couples from Hawaii on board but has not heard from them since the quarantine started. Some have contacted KHON2, saying the captain is giving very limited information on what will happen in the the days ahead. But at least those who are running out of medicine will have prescriptions refilled.

There’s also talk about being able to let small groups out of their rooms, so they won’t be cooped up for the entire 14 days. For Eric and Debbie, they say they just plan to take things day by day, stay in good spirits, and keep their sense of humor.

“You’re not gonna drive Debbie crazy?” KHON2 asked.
“No because we’re on the 14th floor, nobody jumps ship over here (laughs). It’s a long way down,” he said.

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