HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s a staple at many of Hawaii’s grocery stores, but soon you won’t be able to find Ted’s Bakery pies and cakes in markets.

The local bakery is stopping its wholesale business because of supply chain shortages with starch being the main culprit.

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The ingredient might not sound like much, but in baking, the recipe is a science.

Starch shortages are like many of the food shortages happening around the world, coming from workforce issues and shipping backlogs.

Ted’s Bakery owner Torey Nakamura said this one, in particular, is manufacturers not producing the product. They’ve tried using substitutes to make their baked goods, but it’s not giving them the consistency they need.

Other bakeries KHON2 spoke with say they have been able to secure the starch they need for their product allotment, but do say that starch is more expensive these days and any change in ingredients can throw a recipe off.

Now, after 26 years, Ted’s Bakery has decided to stop wholesaling its products in stores like Foodland, Times, Don Quixote, and Tamura’s.

If the supply chain issues do become resolved, Nakamura is unsure if Ted’s Bakery will resume its wholesale operations. If you’d like to get your favorite baked goods from Ted’s at a location close to your house you’d better act fast, they’re planning on stopping the wholesale on May 20.

After that their location across from Sunset Beach on Oahu’s north shore will remain open.

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They have been wholesaling for 26 years since 1996, according to the company’s website.