HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Navy held another town hall meeting at the Hickam Memorial Theater from 7 to 8 p.m.

The purpose of the Navy’s meeting is to provide updated information on the ongoing water issues and answer questions from military housing residents and families who are affected.

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The Navy said the Red Hill Well is where the contamination started with petroleum products in the water, but Navy officials have yet to share specifically how it got into the water system.

U.S. Pacific Fleet Rear Adm. Blake Converse said, “We have an ongoing command investigation to determine how this happened and what we’re going to do to fix it, and make sure it doesn’t happen again and that command investigation was directed by my boss commander of the US Pacific Fleet.”

The Navy is in the process of flushing its system with clean water to mitigate the issue.

Meanwhile, the Hawaii State Department of Health said it has not received enough results from water tests to determine if the water is petroleum-free at this point.

As a precaution, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply shut down the Halawa shaft, which is less than a mile from the Red Hill shaft and draws from the same aquifers.

Watch the Navy’s town hall meeting below:

Task Force Ohana also hosted a town hall meeting with the community at the AMR Community Chapel on Friday, Dec. 3.

The purpose of this meeting is to update community members on Task Force Ohana’s support for the recent water crisis on AMR and Red Hill.

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Joseph Ryan said they will be counting on the Army and Navy’s engineers to help clarify the test findings from the water samples for residents. A resident of the AMR housing complex asked Army officials for maps that show the affected homes.

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“We are pressing on our engineers to tell us, what is in the realm of the possible, what does the system look like and how does it all work so that again, when they tell us we’ve done this and we believe this is going to fixed,” Ryan said. “It makes sense so give us a little bit of patience, but don’t take the pressure off.”

Watch the Task Force Ohana meeting below: