Tardy Black Friday prompts early retail sales

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There are still 44 days until Christmas, but the holiday shopping season is already starting to hit high gear.

While it may seem early to think about Christmas shopping, there’s a reason why we’re already seeing lots of sales.

Black Friday is late this year, only allowing 26 days of shopping between then and Christmas, which is the shortest possible timeline.

“There is six less days between Thanksgiving and Christmas to do your holiday shopping and we’re already seeing retailers starting to discount a lot of their Christmas items.” said Retail Merchants of Hawaii president Tina Yamaki.

“Usually they don’t do that this early but you’re starting to see big discounts,” she added.

Retailers at Pearl Ridge Center have responded by slashing prices and decorating early to attract customers.

“Yeah we’re having more people coming in and out and our sales have been going up to,” said Hawaiian Island Creations employee Kirra Santos.

Shopping before Black Friday used to be a taboo trait of impulse shoppers, but Yamaki believes that shopping now could be a frugal decision.

“Yeah, this weekend especially have been happening and started. Like I said a lot of things are starting to be discounted and a lot of Christmas items are already in the stores.”

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